Dr. Don Fan

#433, 131 9th Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2P1K1

Musculo-Skeletal Pain
Dr. Don Fan (Te-Jung Fan) has been proudly serving patients at the Orient Medicine Acupuncture and Massage Clinic since 2002. Appointed by The Minister of Alberta Health & Wellness as a member of Acupuncture Examination Board in 2010 and currently is a member of Examination Committee of Alberta regulatory body. He was elected as the President of Alberta Association of Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors (AATCMD) in 2011.

Dr. Fan is an authorized and qualified acupuncture care provider by Workers' Compensation Board, Veterans Affairs Canada and most of the insurance companies.

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AATCMD | Box #51168, Beddington PO | (587) 436-8826 | Calgary, AB T3K 3V9